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I met a BIG dog

What do Graphic Designers Do?

From Dean Vipond at Medium: “I recently offered to talk at the local primary school, about my job (or at least part of my job). I expected to be speaking to the older kids, and be able to talk specifically […]

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Pages are a Great Marketing Opportunity!

In this article at Entrepreneur.com, Kelsey Humphreys shares ways to turn your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on your website into a powerful marketing machine. Answer the frequently asked questions, of course, but also use the page as an opportunity to answer […]

5 Ways to Make People Fall in Love with Your Website

As in seduction and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – just being functional is not enough. You need to delight your visitors. This article form Creative Bloq shares five ways to do just that. I think “know your audience” is the most […]