Happy Thanksgiving from Kim Schlossberg Designs

Happy Thanksgiving!

If all goes according to my spreadsheet, my pies should be in the oven by the time you get this newsletter. Even though I’ve been planning my dinner for 25 like it’s the most complex project I ever tackled (it’s […]

Start with Agreement by Kim Schlossberg Designs

Start with Agreement

You might not realize how much of my job as a designer is helping people come to agreement within their organizations. When one partner wants red and the other wants blue, or one wants squares and one wants curves, I […]

Nonprofit videos to inspire you

I bet at least one of these 11 powerful videos for non-profits inspires you. This is storytelling at its finest. 11 Nonprofit Videos That Inform And Inspire Classy.org picked out 11 of their favorite nonprofit videos to highlight different ways […]