• City of Forney brochures

    Informative brochures regarding code compliance for new residents, codes and regulations for developers, and a recycling activity for the city of Forney, Texas. The client wanted to convey a lot of information in a friendly, accessible way, which we achieved […]

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  • Cary Cooper Dirty Little Secret CD cover

    We designed this CD cover to complement Cary Cooper’s distinctive writing style and singing voice. You can listen to the CD and purchase it here.

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  • VNA Meals on Wheels video

    Kim realized that the recently built, very impressive Meals on Wheels kitchen in VNA’s Haggerty Center provided an opportunity to demonstrate the quality and value of the program. The Kim Schlossberg Designs team wrote, shot and produced this video for VNA […]

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  • Judy Youngblood website

    Designed and developed a portfolio site for innovative visual artist Judy Youngblood. Visit the website here.

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  • Housing Crisis Center 2013 Annual Report

    Annual Report for Housing Crisis Center, a nonprofit serving the homeless. Cover art by Willie Baronet. Read entire Annual Report here I started at the Housing Crisis Center (HCC) in June 2009, not long after Ms. Schlossberg joined the Board of […]

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Kim Schlossberg Designs helps you look good and achieve powerful results.

We are a full-service boutique graphic design and marketing agency with a reputation for creativity, consistent high quality, and attentive service. We support businesses in a variety of industries and not-for-profit organizations in Dallas, Texas and around the country with the full spectrum of agency services to help them stand out from the crowd. We strategically integrate creative graphic design, clear, compelling writing, and a functional user experience to help clients understand their strongest message, and communicate it to the right audience through print, web, and media.

With strong marketing and communication backgrounds, we understand the purpose of design is not just to create something beautiful, but also to communicate an important message in a way it can be seen. We have the skills and experience to focus on both the strategy and the tactics—the form and the content—the words and the pictures—and to integrate them into a cohesive, compelling message for your target audience.

Our team brings creativity, a fresh viewpoint, and strategic thinking to help you communicate your message and express your own creativity. We look forward to helping you look good and achieve powerful results.

Start with Agreement by Kim Schlossberg Designs

Start with Agreement

You might not realize how much of my job as a designer is helping people come to agreement within their organizations. When one partner wants red and the other wants blue, or one wants squares and one wants curves, I […]

Nonprofit videos to inspire you

I bet at least one of these 11 powerful videos for non-profits inspires you. This is storytelling at its finest. 11 Nonprofit Videos That Inform And Inspire Classy.org picked out 11 of their favorite nonprofit videos to highlight different ways […]

How to Bring Your Brand to Life - Kim Schlossberg Designs

How to Bring Your Brand to Life

When you fully understand your brand (see What’s Your Story?), you can work on expressing it clearly and consistently every time you communicate, no matter the medium. Whether you call the components of branding brand expressions, brand or customer touchpoints, […]