Color my world! Pigments in the news

The Harvard Library That Protects The World’s Rarest Colors

Harvard pigment collection

It is really fascinating learning the animals, vegetables and minerals that our pigments have come from down through history, and are preserved at the Forbes Pigment Collection at Harvard. Read about some of the prizes from the collection here.

“The most unusual colors from Harvard’s storied pigment library include beetle extracts, poisonous metals, and human mummies.”

The Harvard Library That Protects The World’s Rarest Colors

FastCoDesignDIANA BUDDS | 03.21.16


If you want to buy pigments (not just study them), check out this Japanese art supply store!

Pigment, art supply store in Japan

A New Japanese Painting Supply Store Lines its Walls With 4,200 Different Pigments

Thousands of pigments fill glass vials below the slatted wood ceilings of the new concept Pigment, an art supply laboratory and store that just opened in Tokyo by company Warehouse TERRADA. … If you can’t make it to Japan to experience the space in person, you can browse Pigment’s large supply of pigments and rare materials on their online store here. (via Designboom)