Get all your marketing pulling in the same direction with Strategic Brand Therapy​

Does your brand need therapy? by Kim Schlossberg Designs

I understand how it happens. You get busy and have to get something out right now. A new employee puts her own touch on things, and you don’t want to squelch her creativity. A volunteer helps with the website, but does it their way. A donor offers free printing, but only if you use her design. A magazine gives you free ad design that looks nothing like any of your other materials. Your original brand gets old and dated. Or maybe it was never that clearly-defined to begin with.

Before you know it, none of your materials look like they came from the same organization. And they certainly don’t communicate that mission you put your heart and soul into.

If this sounds familiar, Kim Schlossberg Designs can help you pull all your marketing materials together to present a consistent, clear, professional image to the public – an image that will attract exactly the people you want to work with.

Whether a business, a non-profit or governmental entity, or a thought leader – whether a brand new entity or one who’s been around for decades, you will better attract the people who need to know about you if you clearly, consistently, and authentically present yourself to them every single time they see you. Our Strategic Brand Therapy process will help you get your branding on a solid foundation and clearly express it every single time.

Our Strategic Brand Therapy Process

In Kim Schlossberg Designs’ proprietary Strategic Brand Therapy process, we look at your organization from two directions – the inside and the outside.

Understanding your business from the inside

We help you deeply understand who you are, who you serve, what problems you solve for them, and your mission, vision and goals. Underneath that, we uncover the unique spirit and personality that drives you and sets you apart from the competition. Together, we develop a clear understanding of your unique story, and how you want to be perceived by your customers and the public.

We call all of this understanding your business from the inside.

Looking at your business from the outside

Then, we bring our fresh eyes to review all the ways your brand is expressed. When someone outside your organization looks at your website, engages with you on social media, encounters your advertising, or calls or walks into your place of business, what is their impression of who you are, what you do, and why? We objectively look at 58 different ways the public might encounter your business to help you deeply and thoroughly understand how you are seen from the outside.

Alignment for clarity and success

Finally, we compare the internal and external views of your organization. How consistent are they? Are there opportunities to pull what people see about your organization more into alignment with your own vision of your brand?

Sometimes, the public sees the business exactly how they want to be seen! Kudos when that happens! But sadly, more often than not, there is some sort of disconnect between how the business wants to be seen, and how they actually are seen.

Sometimes, we find inconsistencies because:

  • The brand no longer fits how the business sees itself.
  • The brand expresses itself differently across media, ad campaigns, or time.
  • They’re not walking the talk – what they do doesn’t match who they say they are. They don’t live up to their own hype.
  • The brand wasn’t ever really well thought out to begin with.

We help uncover any inconsistencies or gaps so you can correct them. If desired, we recommend a treatment plan and can help you implement it to make your brand more clear, consistent, and true to your goals and vision. We help you ensure that the public sees your organization as you want them to, and that the right people are attracted to do business with you.

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