Our Services

Kim Schlossberg Designs offers all the services you’d expect from a full-service agency with the personal attention that you’d expect from a boutique studio. We will get to know you and your target market, and work with you to develop the strategy to meet them with the right message, in the right place, at the right time. We’ll help you understand your marketing and design needs, and develop a plan to meet those needs and get the most impact from your marketing investment.

Marketing Strategy. Who are your best clients? How do you reach them? How do you show them you’re better than your competition? We can help you develop a powerful strategy to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Marketing Communications. Communication is a two-way street. We look at everything from the audience’s point of view, and work with you to ensure you’re communicating your message in the way they will notice it and understand it. We’ll look at the big picture and work with you to plan and implement your entire communications program. A picture may speak a thousand words, but sometimes you need text, too. We complement our design services with the right words to get the message across in any medium, whether print, web, or spoken.

Graphic Design. Form still follows function at Kim Schlossberg Designs. And we know the function of most graphic design is to tell a story. With creativity and a fresh perspective we design your materials to communicate a strong, consistent story across all media.

Proposals and Deliverables. Our proposal team features more than a dozen writers with more than 200 years’ experience creating successful client proposals and deliverables. We polish our clients’ drafts in the following ways, which often give them the edge they need to win significant engagements:

  • Review for clarity and ease of understanding, eliminating ambiguities and contradictions
  • Proper grammar, spelling, syntax
  • “Translate” technical jargon into plain English understood by reasonably intelligent people in any field
  • Review for consistency of content throughout the document, often over several hundred pages, written by many different people
  • Consistent formatting, within company standards if applicable
  • RFP review – are we providing what the prospect asks for?
  • Objective, fresh perspective – look at the entire document through the eyes of the client, not with internal blinders

Logo Design, Branding and Corporate Identity. What face do you show the world? How do you express your image and the power behind your brand? We can help with logo design, brand standards, and your entire corporate identity package.

Web Design and Development. More and more people are judging businesses by their presence on the World Wide Web. We can help make your first impression as strong as it can be, with a powerful look and, more important, a positive, intuitive user experience.

Marketing Collateral. What marketing materials will help you reach your audience — business cards, brochures, flyers, direct mail campaigns, postcards, or invitations? We help with the strategy, text, graphic design, and production to get your message both seen and heard.

Social Media Management. We are here to help you look good in the world of Social Media. Just getting started? We can help you set goals, develop a strategy, and establish a presence on the Social Media platforms that fit your needs. Need help maintaining your presence? We can monitor and participate in your conversations on social media. We’ll keep you informed of developments and let your audience know you’re paying attention. We’ll suggest new ways to hold the attention of your fans and followers, and ultimately convert that into business. Need an extra boost? We can customize your Facebook and Twitter pages, ghost-write articles, or design a campaign.

Advertising. Online, print, direct mail, outdoor — we can help you plan your advertising, design the creative, and arrange for your media placements to get the best impact for your ad spend.

Trade Show Support. Sometimes your company’s best face is your face. We can help with everything you need for a trade show or exhibit — printed materials, booth displays, invitations, and give-aways. And we’ll work with you on the most critical, often overlooked element — a follow-up plan to keep you in front of the targets you’ve met.