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Holiday marketing ideas from Kim Schlossberg Designs

I know – we just got past Labor Day! I’m with you – I’m not even ready to see Halloween things in the stores yet. But still, if we want to give our businesses and organizations the best chance to have a really successful holiday season, we need to start planning now. Here are some September tasks that can make December more fun and successful.

Events – if you’re planning on having a holiday event this year, this is time to get your venue and dates locked down. The best venues book up early. Once the date and place are locked down, it’s time to work on the theme of the event, and then the invitations, decorations, and any gifts you’re giving out. The earlier you start working on it, the more options you have.

Client gifts – Do you give your clients a gift every year? If so, this is a good time to start planning. Make your list, and start looking for a unique, memorable gift that your clients will love and that expresses your business branding.

Greeting cards – My personal favorite! I custom design and print a unique holiday card every year. And yes, I need to start thinking about it now! If you want us to design a special card (or calendar) for you, it would be fantastic to go ahead and get started!

For Kim Schlossberg Designs, I do something a little different. Every year I feature a small, local non-profit organization on the back of my cards. It’s pretty expensive to print and mail out several hundred cards, so I want to make a bigger impact in the world for that expense. So one of my fun projects at the end of the year is to pick a new, interesting, worthy non-profit to give a little free publicity. I tried another new tactic. Last year it was because time got away from me – this year it will be intentional because it was so popular. My cards will be coming out as New Year’s cards. Watch this space for this year’s card.

Fundraising – All nonprofits are trying to boost their year-end fundraising. How can you participate in Giving Tuesday ( What can you do to set yourself apart from the crowd, and hopefully get a bigger piece of the pie?

Special Sales – Many businesses, especially B-to-Cs, make special offers and sales around the holidays, of course. American Express launched Small Business Saturday on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. This event is designed to increase sales for small businesses and encourage shoppers to support their small, local businesses. Is it a good fit for you as a business (or as a shopper)?

Vacations – While we’re getting ready for the holidays, it’s time to think about if you and your staff are going to take any time off. If so, start making plans to manage work while you’re gone, or before you leave.

Some fun holiday marketing ideas

Last year, Hubspot sent out this compilation of 18 Brilliant Examples of Holiday Marketing Campaigns, but they sent it on December 14! Here it is, early enough in the year that you can be inspired by it.

Let me know if you’d like us to help you plan and carry out your holiday marketing!

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