How 2020 can make 2021 better

It’s almost over – this year that we didn’t ask for, we didn’t expect, and most of us didn’t know how to respond to. This year, some people very dear to me experienced unthinkable loss, and my heart is broken […]

29 Ways to a Shine at a Trade Show

29 ways to shine at tradeshow by Kim Schlossberg Designs

Trade shows, exhibits, conventions, conferences! When you meet your customers face-to-face, you have a fantastic opportunity to boost your business, if done the right way. However, if you simply rent your booth and show up with fingers crossed, you’re missing […]

The very thing we want to hide

Come out of hiding - Kim Schlossberg Designs

I can’t imagine anything more painful than having to hide who you love, or who you are. I absolutely do not want to downplay the heartache, abuse, and discrimination our LGBTQ sisters and brothers continue to experience. The last thing […]