Pride, Independence, and Bringing Your Business to Light

Now is the time to fiercely embrace pride and independence by Kim Schlossberg Designs.

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Here we are in the valley between Pride Month (which celebrates an honest embrace of identity) and Independence Day (which honors our heritage of freedom). Although the details of each are different, the big ideas are very similar. And I think they are important to how we present ourselves and our businesses.

Some people think Independence Day is all about fireworks and hamburgers – and maybe the beach. Or maybe a good sale on TVs. Of course, I love those things – I’m an American, after all! But to me it’s even more about celebrating our Declaration of Independence. I try to spend a little time pondering how I can be more independent of whatever is holding me back from fully enjoying Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. For many of us, we’re holding ourselves back by hiding an important part of our stories. 

During this season of pride and independence, I believe that most of us have the opportunity to “come out” about something. Maybe you’ve hidden that you’re a follower of a religion or political party that’s different from most of your family or friends. Maybe you have a diagnosis or addiction you don’t feel ready to share. Maybe only your hairdresser knows what color your hair is. Maybe you express one personality at work and another with your friends. Maybe no one knows what you have survived (as a human or as a business). Maybe you’re protecting your inner artist, advocate, or entrepreneur. Maybe your family thinks one life path is best for you, and you think that would crush your soul. If you’re like me, several of these situations might ring true.

This month, I challenge you to see if there’s an aspect of your life – or your business ­– that you might reveal in a positive and creative way. Since I work with businesses to get their best message out, that’s where I’ll focus.

Whatever business we’re in, one thing we all share is the fact that our customers have many options in a very crowded marketplace. Maybe we’re afraid that if we’re too true to ourselves, we might run someone off. That might happen – but that person who can be run off is not our ideal client anyway. What we’re really doing by opening up and expressing our true selves is giving our best prospects a reason and opportunity to connect with us in a meaningful way. It will help us create our true tribe around us, and around our businesses.

This is the essence of branding – discovering who we really are and proudly expressing that to our best customers every time.

And this is what I can help you with.

When you’re ready to open up and explore who your brand really is, I’m ready to help. Over the past 17 years, I’ve developed a system to do just that and help businesses and non-profits get their brand out in the marketplace in an authentic way, to attract their best customers.

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