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Collaboration Venn Diagram by Kim Schlossberg DesignsNo matter how brilliant we are, we all have a finite set of skills. We also each have our own clientele, markets we serve, experiences we bring to the table, and people we know.

We could expand on each of these, to some extent, with training, practice, networking, positive thinking, and luck. But that can only take us so far. Eventually, we realize that the way to expand our opportunities is by working with other people. To really increase our capabilities – and therefore our opportunities – we do best to collaborate with each other.

We might be tempted to label someone in our business as “competitor” and discount the opportunities we share. Even if the work we do is very similar, it’s seldom identical. There are differences in the market served, the style of working, the size or complexity of projects undertaken, or even personality that might make it advantageous to refer each other for specific types of work. And even where our skills overlap more directly with each other, we have the opportunity to work together, even if just to get more done in less time.

When we come together as a team to do what we each excel at, our excellence multiplies, and so do our opportunities. Suddenly we have twice the skills, the networks, the client base, and the proportional increase in opportunities.

From here, it just stands to reason: bringing in more people, with their skills, capabilities, clients, and networks just continues to expand the opportunities for everyone.

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Kim Schlossberg created Kim Schlossberg Designs to help businesses and non-profits refine their messages and get them out to the right audience, in a clear, consistent, and integrated way. She provides strategic planning, execution and coordination of marketing, branding, and design by developing a deep understanding of clients’ businesses and their goals, and serves as a trusted advisor to help them grow their businesses and brand. Kim speaks to business and non-profit groups about marketing and related topics, and publishes a well-received (but slightly irregular) newsletter.

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