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Here’s what you can expect from my bi-weekly newsletter.

I will use this forum to discuss things that I’m passionate about, and that my clients at Kim Schlossberg Design care about. Topics will include marketing, branding, writing, graphic design, web design, social media, non-profit marketing, creativity, exciting new business ideas, proposals, advertising, and inspiration. I’ll pay attention to what people respond to, and I’ll give you more of that.

You can expect at least one short, original article in every edition, probably on one of those topics or something related. I will also provide some curated content – the Best of the Blog section of each email.

This curated content will be similar to what you’ve been seeing on the Kim Schlossberg Designs Facebook page for at least the past seven years. Thank you to all of you who have been following and participating on that page. It’s not going away. Facebook provides a simple way for me to share the many interesting stories I find throughout my day. But as followers will know, Facebook has gotten really stingy when it comes to sharing our content. I can understand why they want to push us to paid advertising, of course. But as popular as it has been, it doesn’t make sense for me to pay them to promote the Color Thesaurus. I will take the opportunity to share some of the best curated content in the biweekly newsletter.

Coming up in the next edition: Maximum Impact Content Marketing. This is my plan for both the writer and the reader to get the best return on the investment of time devoted to an article.

I hope you enjoy the bi-weekly newsletter in the coming weeks and months. Please share anything your friends might find useful or entertaining. I’d love to hear your comments and feedback.

Until next time, I wish you happiness, productivity, and creativity.


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Kim Schlossberg created Kim Schlossberg Designs to help businesses and non-profits refine their messages and get them out to the right audience, in a clear, consistent, and integrated way. She provides strategic planning, execution and coordination of marketing, branding, and design by developing a deep understanding of clients’ businesses and their goals, and serves as a trusted advisor to help them grow their businesses and brand. Kim speaks to business and non-profit groups about marketing and related topics, and publishes a well-received (but slightly irregular) newsletter.

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