One-page path to marketing your special event

We all know that special events can be stressful. There are so many things to do to create, manage, and market the event, all while keeping the big-picture goal in mind.

I’ve compiled the 55 steps of marketing a special event into this one-sheet, easy to follow checklist for you. I created this with non-profit organizations in mind, but with small tweaks, it would work for business events as well. I hope it helps – and that you’re able to enjoy the party you worked so hard to plan!

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Kim Schlossberg created Kim Schlossberg Designs to help businesses and non-profits refine their messages and get them out to the right audience, in a clear, consistent, and integrated way. She provides strategic planning, execution and coordination of marketing, branding, and design by developing a deep understanding of clients’ businesses and their goals, and serves as a trusted advisor to help them grow their businesses and brand. Kim speaks to business and non-profit groups about marketing and related topics, and publishes a well-received (but slightly irregular) newsletter.

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