Are you being seen the way you want to be seen?

Get all your marketing pulling in the same direction. Our Brand Audit will pull your brand into alingment to attract the right customers. by Kim Schlossberg Designs

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Get all your marketing pulling in the same direction

I understand how it happens. You get busy and have to get something out right now. A volunteer helps with the website, but wants to do it their way. A donor offers free printing, but only if you use her designer. A magazine gives you free ad design. Your original brand gets old and dated. Or maybe it was never that well defined to begin with.

Before you know it, none of your materials look like they came from the same organization. And they certainly don’t communicate that mission you put
your heart and soul into.

If this sounds familiar, a Brand Audit can help you pull all your marketing components together to present a consistent, clear, professional image to the public.

What Do We Mean by Brand?

A brand is simply how the public sees your organization. It is shorthand for your story. Your brand helps people know what to expect of you – not only what you will do, but how you will do it. It shows them if you’re the organization they’ve been looking for.

Branding gives you the opportunity to portray your organization in its own best image. If you don’t pay careful attention to defining your brand, the marketplace will define it for you. You can take charge of your brand and decide who you want to be, and present that face to the world. It’s up to you to clearly and consistently be that brand in everything you do. Presenting a genuine, authentic brand will help build a business you love while attracting your ideal audience.

Why are Clarity & Consistency Critical?

When your public image is synchronized with your mission and all the marketing components align with your brand aspirations, your potential customers know intuitively that you’re right for them. People will send you perfect referrals, because they understand the services you’re offering, and who you serve.

Your marketing efforts go farther when they are perfectly aligned with your brand aspirations. When your message is clear and consistent, everything you do points potential customers in the same direction. If customers are not a good fit, they will naturally filter themselves out before they even contact you.

But, what happens when your audience is confused? They won’t buy from you when they could. They won’t send you appropriate referrals. And they’ll waste your time talking about services and products you don’t provide. In addition, you’ll need to invest a lot more time and money in marketing and messaging to correct the misconceptions.

How We Pull All the Parts Together

We look at your organization from two directions – the inside and the outside. First, we work with you to understand your mission, vision, goals, and the personality you want your organization to present to the world. We develop a clear understanding of what makes your organization stand out, and how you want to be perceived.

Then, we bring our fresh eyes to review all the ways your brand is expressed. When people outside your organization look at your website, engage with you on social media, or walk into your place of business, what is their first impression of who you are, what you do, and why?

Finally, we compare these two views of your organization. How consistent are they? Are there opportunities to pull what people see about your organization more into alignment with your vision of your brand?

We help uncover any inconsistencies or gaps, and point them out, so you can correct them. If desired, we recommend action steps and help you implement them to create and execute a plan to make your brand more clear, consistent, and true to your goals and vision. Together, we can ensure that the public sees your organization as you want them to.

Are you ready to see if your organization is being seen as you want it to be seen? If so, drop us an email at or call 214.536.3038  to learn more about how we can help.

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