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Strategic Thanksgiving from Kim Schlossberg Designs

Strategic Planning for a Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So while you’re reading this, I’m cooking my biggest meal of the year. I actually wrote this newsletter two weeks ago! Three cheers for planning ahead!

Thanksgiving is one of my major strategically planned campaigns of the year. We always do a big dinner for all sides of the family. We have so many different tastes, traditions, and food limitations, that a few years ago we decided: the only way to make this work, so no one feels like they’re missing out, is to make everything! So at our house, we will have bread stuffing and cornbread stuffing. Fresh cranberries and canned cranberries. Apple and pecan and pumpkin pies (sometimes more than one of each). This year, even though, we’ll be missing several family members, we’ll be serving 17 dishes in all.

So, yes, I do a lot of planning. A lot of spreadsheets. Guest lists. Who’s bringing what (color-coded on the master spreadsheet). Recipes. Shopping lists. And the timeline to get everything prepped as early as possible but cooked as late as possible so it can be served hot(ish). I copied last year’s spreadsheet to Thanksgiving 2017, and started planning this year’s campaign in detail.

This is also the time of year to start planning our strategic marketing for 2018. It’s pretty much the same thing as planning a Thanksgiving feast. First, we need to decide our main goals and objectives. To meet those goals, we need to decide what we’re doing, who is doing each task, when we’re doing them, the resources required, and the steps to take. I love working through these plans with clients, and I’ll be doing it for Kim Schlossberg Designs, too.

The most important thing to say today, however, is “Thank You.” If you’re reading this article, I appreciate you. I appreciate your friendship, your business, and your support throughout the years. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful, peaceful, and thankful holiday.

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