Housing Crisis Center 2013 Annual Report

Housing Crisis Center Annual Report 2013 cover

Annual Report for Housing Crisis Center, a nonprofit serving the homeless. Cover art by Willie Baronet. Read entire Annual Report here

I started at the Housing Crisis Center (HCC) in June 2009, not long after Ms. Schlossberg joined the Board of Directors of the agency. Ms. Schlossberg has an impressive portfolio and does beautiful work, but what makes her work special is that she truly cares about the missions and goals of the companies with which she partners. Many of Ms. Schlossberg’s clients are non-profits – although not all – and when she dives into the design, editing, web, and other projects with them, she doesn’t leave anything on the table. Ms. Schlossberg truly brings her “A-game”, which is not something executives always see from vendors.

Ms. Schlossberg is not only brilliantly artistic, but timely, dedicated, organized, a fantastic listener, and one of the most thoughtful partners our agency is lucky enough to work with. She knows literally everyone – so if there’s something I need done that perhaps isn’t in her skill set (which, albeit, is rare), she will find someone amazing to fill the void.

I am so grateful that years before I ever met Ms. Schlossberg, she made the decision to start Kim Schlossberg Designs, because it gives agencies like HCC the ability to do some pretty creative things and get the attention larger companies regularly receive.

~ Kathryn Jacob, LMSW, Executive Director at Housing Crisis Center

Read about our work developing the Housing Crisis Center website here.

See the invitation to the annual Patriot Party here.

Visit the website here.

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