Are you neglecting your brand’s most important audience?

Why You Should Preach to the Choir by Kim Schlossberg Designs

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Or, why you should be preaching to the choir

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times – and many of those from me. Whenever we start on a branding project, or a marketing campaign, or a website, we always start with the same first question: “Who is your audience?”

We have in-depth conversations with our clients about the ideal customer. A lot of time and thought goes into this critical understanding of the organization’s customers.

But there is another audience, who might be even more important to the success of your brand. It might be hard to recognize them as an audience. They move beyond audience and towards congregation.

Of course, I’m talking about your employees. The internal stakeholders for your branding.

Your brand is the promise you make to the public, and your employees are the ones who need to fulfill this promise. They are the ones embracing and sharing your mission and vision to the world with everything they do, every day.

So your branding needs to continually talk to them, engage them, and keep them excited about the promise they are bringing to life. In turn, they’ll keep the brand fresh and meaningful to your external customers.

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